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The Universidad Tecnológica de León through the Editorial Committee invites the community to participate in the drafting of texts, to be published in the magazine Reaxion according to the following criteria:

General Objective: To disclosure technological knowledge and academic work in a digital publishing space.

Particular Objective: To encourage reflection on the community of the university and society.

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Internal Structure of the Magazine

Knowledge Areas:

1. Physics and Mathematics and Earth Sciences
2. Biology and Chemistry
3. Medicine and Health Sciences
4. Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
5. Social Sciences and Economics
6. Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences
7. Engineering Sciences
8. Multidisciplinary Research

Types of writing

1.- Disclosure

a) Articles of disclosure
b) Synthesis of activities on internships experiences
c) Case study

Evaluation of Texts:

The Editorial Committee will proceed with the selection of Works that meet the standards of writing and presentation of collaborations.

In the evaluation process The Editorial Committee will be in charge of:

1. Confirm the Authors receipt of the item in full within a maximum of 3 business days.
2. Take turns to peer review, double blind, on the subject of the text submitted.
3. Inform the Author the opinion of his/her collaboration (acceptance, modification or rejection), in a maximum period of two months from the date of receipt.
4. Report if the article is rejected if found violations of rules.

Explanatory notes

1. The magazine is not for profit, so contributions are not paid.
2. The magazine makes no commitment to publish all contributions received, or to return the originals.
3. The content of the contributions published in this magazine are full responsibility of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the magazine.

In case of acceptance:

1. if the item requires modifications will be returned to the author for this be made in a period of less than one month.
2. Made the requested changes, proceed to editing collaboration.
3. Publication of contributions will be made according to the criteria of the magazine.

The email address to which you should send your items is:

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