Guidelines for submitting and writing collaborations

The main objective of the magazine/journal is scientific and technological disclosure, with a quarterly periodicity and published in electronic format through the website of the institution

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The knowledge areas focused on structuring the magazine are:

  1. Physics-Mathematics and Earth Sciences
  2. Biology and Chemistry
  3. Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud
  4. Medicine and Health Sciences
  5. Social Sciences and Economics
  6. Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences
  7. Engineering

The magazine Reaxión is a newsletter of Science and Technology University that aims to contribute to the development of the training areas, scientific and technological, and academic debate favoring the production of new knowledge to create a space for diffusion, reflection and criticism, in our environment.

Opinion and Arbitration

All articles and papers will undergo a peer opinion. The opinion and the arbitration paper are final.


All papers must be original and unpublished, sending declaration of originality and failure to appear in parallel to other publications. Take the responsibility if caught falsifying data and lack of authenticity in the publication.


The magazine acquires the property rights of the articles only to diffusion without any profit motive.

Types of writing

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General format
  1. Title of collaboration, maximum 15 words. I should represent the content of the article and allow the reader to be addressing the specific context.
  2. Made in Microsoft Word for Windows or RTF (Rich Text Format).
  3. Typography. Arial, 12 points. Single spaced. Left justified. Margins 3cm. (left, top, bottom, right).
  4. No papers will be accepted in capitals.
  5. It may include graphics (maps, illustrations, figures, tables, etc.), indicating the right paragraph that correspond.

The characteristics of the graphs are:

  1. As attachments in an electronic folder
  2. Include the title (such as name Figure 1. ext)
  3. Ordinal Numbers
  4. Resolution of 225 pixels per inch
  5. Images should be formatted jpg, tif or eps with a minimum of 225 pixels per inch.
  6. Images must be original or creative common license (Royalty Free) guidelines referring ISO 690.

Notes should be at the end of the collaboration

All contributions should be send by email to the following address:

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