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Diclosure Versión en español

1. Disclosure articles: These are works that show in general or partial results of an investigation, indicating a methodological sequence and holding onto a line of research.


1. Title maximum 15 words.
2. Author. - Name (s), discipline area, academic institution, e-mail address of author (s).
3. Keywords. - Minimum 3 and maximum 5.
4. Summary. - Approximately 100 to 150 words, placed after the title of the article. Must contain concise information main results, methods and conclusions.
5. Abstract. - The English translation of the abstract is the responsibility of the author.
6. Structure desirable:

a. introduction
b. target
c. Problem Statement
d. Working method
e. Results
f. discussion
g. Conclusions

7. Citations and References. - Preferably in the last 5 years should follow the format ISO 690 and go to the end of the collaboration (At least 5 references).
8. Notes. - They should be as concise as possible and be numbered consecutively, footnotes.
9. Extension of minimum 4 pages, maximum 10 pages

Note: In case a submitted article exceeded the specified length limit, it would be reviewed for acceptance by the Editorial Board.

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